Descripion of the Program

Description of the program Decide Yourself (DYS)

It is a program of school prevention based on learning to make decisions about drug use. It is implemented by volunteer teachers, previously trained (12h training). It has six modules (information, the first use, decisions in group, use and misuse, family and social regulations, and non chemical addictions) to be put into practice in classroom. Each module consists of at least two lessons. There are also some sessions with the parents, according to their availability, and support material. And an interactive webpage to consolidate the specificities of the program in the different places.

The work in the classroom is based on the teacher’s neutrality and the work in group (role playing, philip 6/6, forum…). There is the support of some comics where are set out troublesome situations without giving solutions in order to attain the identification of all the students. There is also specific material for the teacher and the parents.
The program allows finding connections with the school curriculum and also to put into practice other activities and preventive materials. It is important the teachers` follow up by the experts when they make the program for strengthening their involvement on it, for the improvement of their understanding and their skills in the implementation, and for guaranteeing that the implementation of the program matches up the predicted parameters.

New adaptations of the program include new preventive requirements arisen during these years (new non chemical addictions, strengthening of the family role as preventive agent, risk behaviours like violence, risky driving and risky sex…) and to the new methodologies (power point presentations, video, use of a specific web for the program).